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Karim Belhaj Aissa

Middle East and Africa Transparency Director for Article 19


Karim, currently MENA Transparency Program Director with ARTICLE19, is a Senior Specialist in Public Management with an overall experience of 15 years. His areas of expertise include transparency, citizen participation and the fight against corruption. He strongly believes in the importance of the right to information for the reform of the state in general, and as a guarantor for the enjoyment of other fundamental rights.

His experience with civil society as an activist and supporter started in 2011 and led him to build proficiency in the implementation of transparency, citizen participation and accountability principles within an inclusive approach. He also participated in many transparency initiatives especially about Open Government Partnerships (OGP) through the empowerment of both CSOs and public administrations.

Karim graduated in Public Management from the National School of Administration of Tunis. In 2006 he was appointed as Public Auditor in control of Public Services which is an audit lobby related to the Prime Ministry in Tunisia, where he built strong knowledge in public administration.

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