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Alda Manuel

Electrical and Electronics Engineer, and the Coordinator of the Renewable Energy Campaign at EcoAngola


Alda Manuel is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, who graduated from the University of Newcastle, where she was selected to give the final speech at the graduation ceremony on behalf of the students of the Faculty of Engineering. She currently works at Anglobal, an Energy and Telecommunications organisation that manages and designs renewable energy projects, especially photovoltaics. She is also proficient in professional electrical installations in synchronization and programming of controllers for renewable energy applications.
Due to her involvement with solar energy projects, she was invited to join the board of the Angolan Association of Renewable Energy (ASAER). Her responsibilities included contacting leaders who are interested in sustainability, especially renewable energy, liaising with different public and private companies and getting relevant Angolan government bodies on board to support, and bridge the energy transition in Angola. She also worked at OpertecAngola as a FacilitiesEngineering Contract Manager, where she was responsible for designing and
implementing procedures and preventive plans focusing on minimizing facilities’ inefficiencies and/or deficiencies.
Her interests include the quality of education, gender equality, and clean/affordable energy. Alda is the Coordinator of the Renewable Energy Campaign at EcoAngola, where she is responsible for planning campaign strategies, organizing activities, and defining milestones. She also oversees the development of educational materials related to
sustainability and resources renewables

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