Youth Day Panel: Is democracy working in Africa?

August 11, 2022 583 views 1 comment 1 minute reading time
Youth Day Panel: Is democracy working in Africa?

This International Youth Day, we reached out to our community partners on the continent to gather dynamic young Africans for a discussion on the state of democracy in Africa. We were joined by panelists from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda, who shared their thoughts on the challenges of governance, the youth unemployment crisis and what the future holds for Africa’s youth.

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My fellow young Brothers and Sisters inequality is an issues affecting both we the elderly people is a matter of concern and can be minimize or eradicated inside stereotype implicit biases.We the African are the most richest in resources in the world why poverty is a matter of concern between white supremacy and Black people's rights of existence to basic human needs to survive in this little planet.Young people are the future leaders of tomorrow youths are the majority in my country Nigeria they' now waking up to claim back their right as future leaders towards sustaining their present economic and financial freedom towards building a better dynamic empirical sustainable innovation development to become competitive advantage successful governance.Beat regards Y.M Amanna*