Should COVID-19 vaccine passports be introduced across Africa?

June 8, 2021 908 views 8 comments 2 minutes reading time
Should COVID-19 vaccine passports be introduced across Africa?

The possible introduction of COVID-19 passports has provoked discussion across the world. In a bid to contain the spread of the virus, several countries are considering introducing COVID-19 passports. This will ensure that people entering their borders do not spread the virus and ultimately burden their healthcare system. However, there are some who believe introducing them is unfair given the current difficulties in accessing vaccines and test kits.

The African Union has discussed COVID-19 passports in several meetings and adopted a common position. It urged other countries to stop requesting them until such a time when the vaccines will be widely available in the continent. The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) has also reiterated this position by stating that COVID-19 passports will worsen the existing challenges in accessing the vaccines.

However, a significant number of countries believe that COVID-19 certificates are critical for reopening their economies. Some say that identifying people who are immune to the vaccine or at are a lower risk of spreading COVID-19 could help to revive the travel industry.

What do our readers say?

We got a comment from Shiloh who expressed her support for the Covid-19 passports. She believes that COVID-19 passports are a good idea because vaccinations should be a requirement. She said “I understand that if I’m going to a high-risk region for malaria, I have the responsibility to get vaccinated to not only protect myself, but the people around. The same should apply more so for COVID-19 as it hasn’t just affected a single region, but the whole world as we know it.”

To get a response, we put the comment Dr Kalumbi Shangula the Minister of Health of the republic on Namibia,

Another reader, Xuan, stated that she did not like the idea because it would hinder people from leaving their respective countries and moving around freely.

Would Lola Daniyan, a travel blogger of Unravelling Nigeria agree with Xuan ?  

Should COVID-19 vaccine passports be introduced across Africa?  Will the passports control the spread of the COVID-19 virus? Let us know your thoughts and comments and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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I support since we need to stop and limit how fast Covid19 virus 🦠🦟 spreads.

Let them do whatever they tend to do we are aware that going out my country is not mandatory so is not necessary to get it

We don't need that and is not necessary , only conduct a test for covid is enough.


This covid agenda is not what we should waste our time on. It actually a distraction of the African Unity Agenda. One African Unity currency One African Unity passport One African Unity Paliament One African Unity TV and Radio Station in every country Monthly African Unity Festivals. Music and arts festivals African food festivals African Achitecture and building festivals Etc

We need African Unity Passport and not Covid Passport.

Not at all