Live Debate: Arguments for and against a borderless Africa

June 20, 2022 561 views 0 comment 1 minute reading time
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Live Debate: Arguments for and against a borderless Africa

The vision for a borderless Africa continues to gain steam, backed by prominent advocates such as South Africa’s opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which recently advocated for an Africa united under a single government with “one federal government, one federal army.” The reception to the EFF’s announcement was strong on either side, with many voicing fears that open borders could lead to an influx of migrants to the country grappling with high rates of youth unemployment. Notably, South Africa is a hotbed of xenophobic violence, which many cite as one of the barriers to a borderless Africa.

Alongside issues such as the African Union-backed push for economic unity and a single central bank for all African countries, some proponents believe that an integrated Africa can only be achieved through the free movement of African citizens across borders with the adequate migration management infrastructure in place.

We reached out to our community partners on the continent to bring together youth voices for a live debate on this hot topic. Click below to hear their arguments for and against a borderless Africa: