Is Covid-19 the biggest health threat in Africa?

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Is Covid-19 the biggest health threat in Africa?

Since the beginning of 2020, the spread of Covid-19 has changed life as the world knows it. Lockdowns, wearing masks, PCR tests, and getting sanitised have become the norm to many Africans. According to the World Health Organisation, as of June 2021, the number of Covid cases across the continent has amounted to almost 5 million.

Undoubtedly Covid-19 has made a big impact, however, as of March 2021, it was only the 41st leading cause of death in Africa. The continent has continued to battle with potentially fatal diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, and cholera. In South Africa, one of the countries that have been worst affected by the virus, Covid-19 was not amongst its top ten causes of death. In addition, the number of confirmed Covid cases in Africa represented only 2.97% of infections globally.

Could the spread of the highly infectious Covid-19 Delta variant change this? The continent has recently seen its worst rise in infections since the pandemic began. The Delta variant spreads 225% faster than the original virus and has surfaced in 22 countries. This begs the question, is Covid-19 the biggest health threat in Africa?

What do our readers think? One of our readers, Connor, said, “It’s definitely one of the biggest at the moment because there are many people that probably won’t be able to get their vaccines and just be safe, as there are many places in Africa where people live together in large groups.”

We spoke to the Minister of Health of Namibia, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, to hear his perspective

We also put the question to Catherine Kyobutungi, Executive Director of the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)

 Is Covid-19 the biggest health threat in Africa? Do you think the continent will maintain its low rate of Covid-19 mortality?  Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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Covid 19 is made believe decease, the alteration of human DNA is the Target, this is the reason for the vaccination,we will pray, the perpetrators are occultic people,there no scientific in all they are doing, it's just a sell out including the media.


Stop playing African

They keep creating this viruses , and different VACCINES, just to make money, they don't care what happened to ur body system. If people don't wake up , we may receive VACCINES for da rest of our lives.

Check the records for malaria. Our leaders are the worse in everything

Why can't they force every African to take anti HIV, anti malaria drugs and the rest?... Useless greedy African politicians... Can't you see they are using us for international money rituals?... God punish them all...


Never! It doesn't even exist

A big NO

I trust my country, the next news,you will hear say Almighty Omicron is discovered somewhere in Aso Rock, then we will get much international attention,who no wan get international attention?

African politicians are deadly disease that have killed so many people in africa. We need african leader vaccine. That will go a long way you know.

How did u affive at Covid as a killer disease when d virus has never been isolated? Just that our leaders signed some stupid documents that doesn't allow them to talk

Our bad leaders are our biggest threat

No It's a biggest threat in Asia and Europe Here in Africa our biggest threat is our leaders

Corruption has killed more people than all the Civil wars combined in Africa, leave alone Covid-19 and whatever the variant is pathetic 😱😱😱


African leaders are weak the problem is the don't know God, how can corona be difitade without God.


The issue is that the world is getting confused . We just don't understand what is happening. You also fear to even ask questions. No one is ready to tell us the truth about the direction the world is heading to so we are all watching.

In Africa and not in South Africa ....In SA currently it is, if mortality statistics are the gauge of a health threat pandemic


Covid19 can never be biggest problems of Africans,we are just unfortunate that most African leaders who would have speak for us are no more.

Covid is never d problm of africa

Not true countries which didn't vaccinate have far the lowest corona deaths than south Africa put of African 54 counties south Africa Africa is the most vaccinated th country 8million of 59 million vaccinated deaths are more than 50% of 53 continental countries combined

Debating Africa it's a total fraud ever. A vaccine that my father took 2 doses of and they still said he got infected with the same disease it was meant for. If it wasn't meant for any other purpose, why won't it prevent from its disease? It's high time human beings become wise;refuse to be fooled by people's agenda.

Covid is the least to talk about

Nothing to worry about. Most corrupt African countries want to make money out of it.. only fool don't know that viruses weaken as the mutate.

Africa has its own problems, no need to add those panic spreading, fearmongering stupidities from useless Western Governments to the also useless African Governments

Nothing like covid in Africa the government are just diciving themselves using it for business international

Nothing to worry about. Most corrupt African countries want to make money out of it.. only fool don't know that viruses weaken as the mutate.


Corruption,poverty biggest worry in Africa

1st if we believe in those bogus testing procedure. The late Magufuli exposed their game and they eliminated him.