What’s your experience of solo travel as a woman in Africa?

July 22, 2022 1391 views 0 comment 1 minute reading time
What’s your experience of solo travel as a woman in Africa?

As Africa’s tourism sector makes a comeback from the devastating effects of Covid-19, intra-Africa travel is emerging as one of the paths to recovery. Not only is domestic tourism set to increase with the expansion of Africa’s middle class (355 million people in 2011 to 1.1 billion in 2050, according to the African Development Bank) but the pandemic exposed the industry’s over-reliance on foreign travelers. With a greater focus on growing regional tourism, which includes harnessing the continent’s untapped oceanic resources, there’ll be increased efforts to appeal to markets such as the growing number of women who travel alone.

In Western countries, women are driving the solo travel boom, with one UK survey finding that 72.4% of women were likely to travel alone compared with 27.6% of men and an American tour operator listing 85% of its registered solo travelers as women. Because there are no similar stats for African women who travel solo, we wanted to find out from those who’ve embarked on such journeys what their experience of Africa has been and ideas for how intra-Africa travel could work better.

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