How would you tackle corruption in Africa?

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How would you tackle corruption in Africa?

Corruption is endemic in many African countries. The continent scores an average of 32 out of 100 on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), making it the lowest-performing region in the world. This begs the question; why is corruption in Africa a prevailing issue?

Corruption affects almost every aspect of the lives of many across the continent and it compromises the effectiveness and reliability of institutions. Bribery is the most common form of corruption as citizens sometimes have to give a gift or pay an incentive to access basic services.  According to an Afrobarometer survey, citizens in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, and Uganda think that the police are the most corrupt public institution. In addition, more than 30%Africans believe that most government officials and parliamentarians are corrupt.

What is currently being done to tackle corruption in Africa? The African Union Convention on Preventing and Combatting Corruption (AUCPCC) is a roadmap for implementing anti-corruption measures that have been ratified by 44 member states. However, it has not been well implemented in many countries. Furthermore, according to Afrobarometer, about 59% of Africans think their government is doing a bad job at fighting corruption, and 67% fear retaliation if they report it.

What do our readers think? Sala says, “People who steal from the government should be thrown in jail for many years and all of their wealth should be taken away. They should be penniless so that they know how it feels to be poor. It’s because there are not any harsh punishments or consequences. That is why people or government officials keep stealing.”

We spoke to Thuli Madonsela, advocate and professor of law at Stellenbosch University, and former Public Protector of South Africa, for her perspective.

We put the same question to Karim Belhaj Aissa, Middle East and Africa Transparency Coordinator for Article 19

How would you tackle corruption in Africa? How do we hold leaders accountable? Let us know your thoughts and comments below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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you need to improve the entire accountability system

We start by defining what is corruption. Then,by finding out why corruption appeals to our people. What conditions that makes a person to tilt toward the virus,even though he knows it's it hunger,? is it spiritual poverty or material poverty,? is it the fear of economic uncertainty?, is it greed,? Is the problem from family upbringing,? No doubt, corruption has been a canker worm that has eaten deep in to our national body and soul.

Lol South Africa And Corruption...Go together like Quantum taxis...And uneducated idiot drivers..

Death penalty......

Public hangings...amputated

Make every government worker take a polygraph test those found guilty will have their hands amputated

It all started from colonial era they injected the leader.

If truly youn want to deal with corruption in Africa its as simple as A BC you what just apply the chines formular

Stop misusing the word endemic. Corruption is not endemic to Africa. We all know it's origi

death sentence....and long waits....wasting taxpayer money

Corruption is part of the game it all starts from the people that fund these parties the rest is history

Corruption is legalized by the Kenya constitution

People allowed what they doing it everywhere in church in schools all over it take place , there are gospel singers are full of corruption they think God don't see what they do .

Built strong institutions capable of withstanding shocks from politicians

Honesty, loyalty, Justice and fear of God

Corruption is a societal vice. It's got roots in mindsets, and it has become a culture. Most anti-corruption efforts have an 'EXTERNAL' focus. We sanction offenders with punitive measures. We make culpable individuals pay heftily.... emotionally, financially, etc. Yet statistics show an INCREASE in scope and magnitude of corruption. What of addressing it from an INTERNAL locus? Rather than we keep cursing the darkness, why not begin to recreate a culture that extols, celebrates, parades the virtues of integrity, chivalry, honest hard work and patient climbing up the horizons through empowering others along the way? A generation needs to grow that will loathe villain acts of selfish corruption, and hail the courageous loving acts of selfless service to humanity as the true measure of wealth. Not in shillings and cents, but in chivalry and sense. A new culture tsunami to sweep the old decay.