How can African governments stop brain drain?

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How can African governments stop brain drain?

Brain drain is not a new phenomenon in Africa and has been on the rise over the past few decades. Its most common causes include low wages, poor working conditions, unemployment, political instability, civil unrest, limited access to healthcare and a desire for a better quality of life. Countries such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa are most affected by brain drain.

What is the effect of brain drain? African countries are losing their most experienced and skilled workers, and are forced to increase expenditure and training to compensate for those who left. Countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania have since 2010 spent over $2 billion training doctors who subsequently migrated. However, some African migrants eventually opt to return to their home country bringing with them more knowledge and experience.

What do our readers think? Sinothando says, “They should provide educated people with jobs…. They should make sure that if someone has a degree, they get employment in Africa.”

We spoke to the entrepreneur, and founder, and chairman of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Mo Ibrahim for his perspective.

 We also spoke to Professor Carlos Lopes, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa 2012 to 2016 to hear his perspective

How can African governments deal with brain drain? What steps need to be taken to ensure that Africa retains its skilled and experienced workers? Let us know your thoughts and comments below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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Build a working infrastructure. Attract investment. Create jobs. Simple as that.

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Stop Strike from lecturers , the government should restructure the system of education because it has been corrupt and decay

Stop corrupt and shortsighted politicians exporting our best assets overseas. We need to be able to add value to our raw materials locally and retain the talent to manage it.

Create an industrial and technological ecosystem that leverages research, development, innovation and with corresponding budgetary allocations. I think only one or two of these nations even have a science or tech city yet numerous tipsy breweries and jamboree sports stadia abound