Has foreign aid crippled or benefited Africa?

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Has foreign aid crippled or benefited Africa?

African nations are the biggest recipients of foreign aid, with countries like Botswana and Rwanda counting amongst the success stories. Both countries have two of the fastest growing economies on the continent and have successfully managed to direct their foreign aid towards developmental efforts and initiatives.

Although the dispersion of aid is meant to stimulate economic growth, there are many who question whether the continent is actually benefitting from it. Some common challenges include the misallocation of funds which in turn leads to corruption, aid dependency, an increase in debt and bureaucracy. It is often believed that aid doesn’t go to the people who need it the most, and that trade would be more effective than aid when it comes to developing the continent.

What do our readers think? One of our readers Khanyi said, “It has crippled Africa. Africa does not need foreign aid. We need African solutions for our African problems. Also in the long run the only people who are benefiting are the people who are claiming to be helping Africa.”

We spoke to Professor Carlos Lopes, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa 2012 to 2016 to hear his perspective

We also put the question to Dr. Frannie Léautier, a leading international finance and development expert.

Has foreign aid crippled or benefitted Africa? What does the continent need to reach its developmental targets? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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If aid is good why is it soo hard for the oppressors to understand that africa at this point doesn't need those expired and economy crippling aids. Those aids are just a form of reducing us to poverty. Why is it so simple for the thieves( west) to easily give food stuffs, medical aids etc to africa but finds it soo difficult to loan africa with less interest? Why is it that africans are so much underlined when it comes to economic issues? Why is africa needing only international investors just to build its economy? Why is that every strategic aspects of the economy of africa (ie the oil, minerals and others) are only ment for international investors who turn to focus on building their profit and not helping economies in africa? Africa does not need any form of aid, the west and any nation at all should leave us wallow in our own shit and clean ourselves after if they really want to help us.

I don't really think foreign aid in itself is that bad and has really crippled African economies but rather corruption has! If you get the aids and loans, and you want to 1.2 billion dollars to do mobile money interoperability, when in actual fact you can use just 4 million dollars to do it. Na problem be the aid?

Hmmm crippled us

It benefitted the political elite and disadvantaged the poor

We have criminals as leaders

African leads needs to wake up, african continent in general is blessed and rich. For me africa doesn't need any form of foreign aid, african leaders should as a matter of urgency fend, fight and harness it's people and land, and stop depending on foreign aids.

When I read from people like dambisa moyo and Andrew rigasera I realised how some forms of Aids Affects Africa, not all Aid but some are hazardous to Africa and Africans



No it didn't help Africa

It has made Africa to be over dependant. Which is not good at all,for a developing nation.

It benefits the rich and cripple the poor..but wait a minute..How can AFRICA sit on Gold..silver. diamond and all known and unknown mineral resources yet remain the poorest continent on earth ? I think the leader of AFRICA are beast in human clothing..

It has denefitedly crippled Africa.

Africa has a continent has what it takes to solve our problems. We are more than capable and don't in any way need a foreign aid. Over dependence on foreign aid has crippled the continent, by blind folding the decision makers form seeing a solution within and making them slaves to the foreign aid.