Expert Panel: How can we address Africa’s infrastructure gap?

June 22, 2022 795 views 0 comment 1 minute reading time
Expert Panel: How can we address Africa’s infrastructure gap?

Africa has an estimated infrastructure gap up to $107.5 billion a year, with disparities across a variety of areas, including energy, transportation, healthcare and digital connectivity.

Ahead of the European Development Days (EDD), we spoke to alumni from the Young Leaders programme who are innovating and advocating for solutions in the energy and education sectors.

Sustainable energy start-up founder Chibunna Ogbonna is working towards creating smarter cities and communities in Africa through renewable electricity and digital technology. Education expert Sherine Omondi, as part of the Steering Committee of the Global Student Forum, advocates for education policy and the provision of free, quality education.

In this conversation we covered:
  • What sustainable development would look like in their respective sectors
  • How to tackle the challenge of urbanization
  • The current state of the education funding gap in Africa
  • How to sustainably address Africa’s energy problem
  • Education exclusion and its unique impact on girls
  • This year’s EDDs and desired outcomes

Share your thoughts on how we can address Africa’s infrastructure gap below and we’ll reach out to policymakers and experts to continue the debate.