Are we doing enough to reduce carbon emissions?

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Are we doing enough to reduce carbon emissions?

The 2015 Paris agreement on climate change requires countries across the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Several African countries are signatories to the agreement which begs the question, how is the continent faring so far?

Although Africa carbon emissions account for 0.8 metric tons per person, which is far below the global 3.9 metric tons per person, the continent is most vulnerable to climate change. The effects of climate change are already being felt in countries such as Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi where destructive cyclones have taken place. Amongst the drivers of greenhouse gas emissions across the continent are agricultural practices, deforestation, fires and forest degradation. Furthermore, it is projected that economic development will most likely lead to an increase in carbon emissions.

However, there are some countries who are taking concrete steps towards reducing carbon emissions. Morocco built the world’s largest concentrated solar facility, which provides clean energy to 2 million people, in an effort to reach its goal of a 52% renewable energy mix by 2030. South Africa initiated a carbon tax in 2019 which could reduce its emissions by 33% by 2033. Gabon has been able to reduce CO2 emissions through its forest management initiative

How do Africa’s efforts measure up in a global context? Are countries across the continent doing enough in the fight against global warming?

We spoke to Dr. Agnes Kalibata to hear what she has to say

For another perspective, we spoke to Dr. Fatima Denton

Are we doing enough to reduce carbon emissions? What more should be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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Who is we? Governments? Industry? Citizens?

In Ghana we simply don't have many aletrnatives to driving. until we're able to take a train what's the choice?

We're blessed with sunshine across the whole of Africa, so why aren't we investing in solar energy?

Education! Education! Education! That's the key to change!

Definitely not! We need more investments in renewables across the continent.